Last year, over 495 families requested help for Christmas. 

The Kanata Food Cupboard would not have been able to assist these families without community support through the Adopt-a-Family program.

If you would like to make a contribution to a family this Christmas through the Adopt-a-Family program, please complete the adopt-a-family registration form available here in mid-late October.

This program is a confidential service. 

    If you offer to "adopt" a family, you are provided with:

    • a code number for that family;
    • the number of adults and children in the family;
    • the childrens' gender, ages, and clothing sizes;
    • any gift items the adults have requested for the children.

    Adopters are asked to provide a frozen turkey and all the trimmings so that the family can prepare a complete holiday meal.

    Requests from families for other items may vary greatly and might include:

    • clothing
    • gift ideas for the children

      Please don’t wrap the gifts, although it is a good idea to include some giftwrap and other materials so that the parents can wrap any presents.  We request that only NEW toys and clothes be given.

      It is difficult to estimate what "adopting a family" may cost, but you might consider spending the following...

      • approximately $100 for the food for Christmas dinner,
      • a maximum of $30 in gifts for each child 17 years of age and under
      • $20 in toiletry items (e.g. toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash)
      • $20 in treats/sweets for the family to enjoy (e.g. chocolate, candy, hot chocolate, cookies) 

      If you have more funds available than what is necessary for your adopted family, please consider adopting a second family or donating extra gifts or food that can be distributed to others in need.

      The adopters who respond to this request are many and varied. They include:

      • individuals
      • families
      • groups of colleagues at work
      • social or sports clubs
      • churches

      If there is a size and type of family that you would like to assist, we will certainly try and accommodate your preference.

      For more information about adopting a family, please contact the Adopt-A-Family coordinator.  

      Thank you for your support!